Education and Experience

I began photography in 1973 while in high school and am largely self-taught. In 1975-76, I studied at the Atelier Claude Lamont in Paris, France refining my skills in camera fundamentals and black and white darkroom processing in formats up to 4×5.

In the ensuing four decades, I have been honing my photographic vision, craft, and aesthetic sense, seeking beauty and meaning in the forms, designs, and textures of both the natural and man-made world. My work is informed by photographers as diverse as the turn of the century Pictoralists and members of Group f/64, mid-century icons Harry Callahan, Aaron Siskind, and Minor White, and modern artists such as Irving Penn and Michael Kenna.

During the past five years, I have taken courses and attended workshops aimed at acquiring skills in digital image processing and alternative processes, and adopted a hybrid workflow to create handcrafted images. Now, equally adept with film and digital image capture and processing, in addition to practicing traditional black and white silver gelatin printing, I have embraced the historic platinum discipline, as well as leading edge hybrid color processes such as palladium over pigment.

Recent Workshops

Kerik Kouklis, Platinum Printing and Digital Negatives with QTR, Yosemite, CA, April 2017
Sandy King, Carbon Transfer Printing, Nashville, TN, July 2017
Bill Schwab, Iceland Summit for Photographic Artists, October 2017
Bob Carnie, Gum Bichromate Printing, Toronto, Canada, May 2018

Recent Exhibitions

The Copper Vault, Springfield, TN, Solo Exhibition, September 2017
Nashville State Community College, Special Topics Group Exhibition, April 2017


The Hand Magazine, Two Ingolfsfjordur Equivalents, Issue 21, July 2018